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Blaschak Anthracite Coal is American produced, Clean Burning, Smokeless Fuel that’s continuously warmer than many other heating products

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Blaschak Anthracite Coal is an American-produced, clean-burning, smokeless fuel that’s continuously warmer and costs less than other heating options.

  • Blaschak Anthracite Is Keeping Homes Warm
    If your home never feels warm enough, yet your heating bills are out of sight, it’s time to consider the anthracite advantage. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners currently use anthracite and many others are converting to it for comfortable, cost-efficient home heating.
  • Convenient
    Delivered pre-washed in 40-pound poly bags.
  • Economical 
    Produces more heat for less cost than any other environmentally responsible fuel.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Burns with virtually no smoke or emissions and does not contribute to acid rain.

NOW $489.90 per ton

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